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1st International Citizen Media Award 2011


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1. International Citizenmedia Application 2011


The 1st International Citizen Media Award intends to honor tremendous work in the field of citizen media and its products in the categories VIDEO, AUDIO and INTERNET that have been created by private, non-commercial producers.

The award distinguishes the dedication of these European, national and international producers and their reporting concerning locally, regionally, globally and socially relevant topics.

At the same time this prize should support the commitment of citizens, volunteers and activists to get involved in the development and setup of an active civil society.


The jury awards the prize in the following categories:

-          Video (individual product, short movie, movie in a television broadcast, video podcast, etc.)

-          Audio (individual product, radio spot in a radio broadcast, podcast, etc.)

-          Internet (homepage, blog, portal, etc.)


3 prizes per category:

1st prize: 1000 € – trophy – certificate

2nd prize: Participation in an international media camp or media seminar – certificate

3rd prize: Digital photo camera – certificate


The competition is worldwide open for single participants, groups, associations, civil initiatives, school classes and especially for producers, actors and editorial teams in the field of citizen media work.

Type and quantity of products

There can be sent products that have been created between March 2010 and the end of July 2011. Every participant/ group can only send one product per category. They should not exceed a running time of 20 minutes.

Content of products

The topic for the 2011 award is: POVERTY

Poverty is a worldwide problem which shows up in several facets. There are differences in the understanding of “poverty”. In industrial states poverty is interpreted different than in less developed countries. There are also different personal and social views and strategies to overcome poverty. Tendered products should medially present the different types of poverties as well as different ways to get out of it. The personal dedication of the producers is in the forefront of the jury’s interest.

Beside the personal interest, quality, medial implementation, activity, authenticity, extent and relevance of research, design elements and innovativeness are relevant. Special features of the products in the different categories (genres) will be especially considered by the jury.


Applications can be send postally in the form of a CD, DVD, MiniDV cassette or an USB flash drive. Alternatively links to portals can be sent, where the audio and video productions can be downloaded permanently. Furthermore the possibility of uploading audio and video products up to the website is also given. There you can find instructions how to do so in the accordant rubric. Concerning internet projects a link adress is enough.

Every medium has to be fully signed with name, title, date of production and category.

An application is only accepted if the attached document of registration is fully filled, signed and sent.

In the categories VIDEO and AUDIO products should not exceed a running time of 20 minutes.

Concerning the INTERNET category only the URL address must be signed in the registration document.

Product language:

English or mother tongue including English subtitles/ translation

Products in the category VIDEO (without subtitles), AUDIO or INTERNET using mother tongue must include a translation (transcript) as a document!

Technical standards:


  • in PAL with 720 x 576 pixels (having the aspect ratio 16:9 or 4:3)
  • Recommendations for subtitles:
    • Arial (font), white with black margin, size 16
    • maximum of 2 lines per subtitle (page), centered


  • WAV or MP3

Deadline for tenders

30.07. 2011

Applications sent afterwards will not be considered at all.

Send to :

Bürgermedienzentrum Bennohaus

Keyword: 1st International Citizen Media Award 2011

Bennostr. 5

48155 Muenster


Application mails / Uploads sent after the deadline will also not be considered at all.

Or send an E-Mail to:


The jury consists of experienced experts in the different media categories. A preselection will be made by the supporters. The selection of the prize winning products for the awards show happens under exclusion of ordinary legal proceedings.

Usage of the products

With the application of the producer the supporters gain all rights concerning the presentation of the segments in front of a public, the jury and a dissemination via citizen media channels or in the framework of project meetings. In addition to that, the products can be used for academic research, trainings, etc. and can be repeatedly shown and used in clips.

The producer has to take care for that he owns all rights of his product before and that the product does not harm other persons’ rights. The producer has to feel obliged to free the supporters from damages which can result of the dissemination of the products.

The supporters bear no costs in these cases.

Announcement of the award winners

The winners will be awarded on the 22nd of September 2011 in the framework of the „week of civil commitment“ in Muenster. An international and intercultural event will take place in the Bürgermedienzentrum Bennohaus (Art & Media / Volunteer-TV). The award show will take place in the scope of this event.

1. International Citizen media Application 2011


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